Third class: 1916 Streetscape project

Third class: 1916 Streetscape project

Third class and teacher James have done a lot of work this year on history, particularly the 1916 Rising.  As part of this work they joined forces in groups of 4 and recreated famous Dublin buildings and landmarks from that time. They did this by researching each building and its features, discussing how they would best go about to re-create it and using household waste such as cardboard . Their models are very impressive and they showed these to all classes from first to sixth. Well done to third class on an interesting project and great teamwork!


1916 Project 1 1916 Project 2 1916 Project 3 1916 Project 4 1916 Project 5 1916 Project 6 1916 Project 7 1916 Project 9 1916 Project 10 1916 Project 8


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