Parents Association

Limerick Educate Together: Parents Association


Every parent in the school is a member of the LETS Parents’ Association. The Association meets once per month to deliver on the following remit:

– To provide a forum through which the parents can communicate with each other, and with the school.

– To help foster and support not just the school as a school, but as a community.

– To support fundraising for the school, and as a support for coordinating practical help for the school where needed.


For further information, check out the PA Facebook page ( or let the School know you would like to be in touch.

Here are some events that are planned for the coming school year.

Harvest FĂȘte: 22nd October

Spring FĂȘte:1st April

Cash for Clobber collection (October)

Baby market (November)

Tesco bag packing (December if we can get a date)

Pub quiz and raffle (February)


PA meeting dates are as follows:


– 18th October

– 15th November


– 13th December


– 17th January 2017


– 28th February


– 21st March


– 25th April


– 16th May


– 20th June