Robotics Workshop with Fifth and Sixth Classes

Robotics Workshop with Fifth and Sixth Classes

On Wednesday 27th January the students from fifth and sixth classes took part in a day long robotics workshop. This is an initiative funded and promoted by out neighbours Analog Devices and delivered by Colmac Robotics. The Lego robotic kits used contained motors and also  a “lego brick” . This brick or brain is capable of receiving and saving a computer programme to make the robots move and follow instructions.

The children learned about construction, gear ratios, torque, balance, speed, velocity, gravity  and computer programming.

Their task was to work well as a team to  build a fully functioning robot. At the end of the day each robot was tested on its ability to travel along a slope. The slope was increased at each test until the winning design was left.

Audrey, Karina and Sarah will represent the school in the Limerick Final of the ADI Robotics Programme on 20th February in the Analog Leisure Centre. Well done girls!!

Thank you to Analog Devices for sponsoring this initiative, to Colman and Nicola our excellent trainers, to Pamela but most importantly to our budding engineers for making this such a worthwhile day.

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