Energy Action Day 17th October

Energy Action Day 17th October

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On October 17th children and staff from LETS organised a low energy day in the school. There was a great effort put in by students and staff to reduce our energy consumption for the day. Here are some of the actions that were taken:


  • Whiteboard free day
  • Storage heaters were turned in classrooms
  • Lights were off all day in the classroom, staff room and corridors
  • Staff were banned from boiling kettles and using microwaves and toasters (thankfully people had brought in flasks of boiling water)
  • Children and staff wore green and yellow to symbolise the environment and energy

During the week of the 13th to 17th October the green school committee were taking daily records of electricity and gas usage between the hours of 8:30am and 2pm. We were delighted to find that on Energy Action day we reduced our electricity consumption by 50% and used no gas at all. Here is the data from the week

Gas usage week 13-17th October 2014

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning 845 856 864 873 881
Afternoon 851 860 870 877 881
Usage 6 4 6 4 0



Electricity usage week 13-17th October 2014

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning 291 456 602 723 816
Afternoon 299 463 610 730 820
Usage 8 7 8 7 4



A big thank you to all involved in making the day a great success.




To promote the day a poster competition was organised based on energy conservation. The standard of entry was very high from all classes. The Green School Committee had a difficult task picking the winners .Here are the results:

First Class-

1st – Ruby

2nd      Jacob

3rd –Aleksandra

Second Class

1st – Sam

2nd   Amy

3rd   Leo

Third and fourth class- 

1st –    Paddy

2nd      Ellen       

3rd   Hania

Fifth and sixth class

1st Roslyn

2nd    Iona

3rd   Eva







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