1916 Commemoration Day

1916 Commemoration Day

The 15th of March will be remembered as an historic day in Limerick Educate Together School. The whole school community including, children, parents, staff, members of the BOM and Parents Association were present to witness our commemoration of the 1916 Easter Rising.

Mike told us that this commemoration was a chance for all of us to remember the rising and those involved in it, to reflect on what it means for us now in a modern Ireland and to re-imagine the proclomation by making it our own for our own circumstances. We learnt that there was no electricity in 1916, that most people didnt wear shoes and that the majority of people were quite poor. We heard that Ireland is a neutral country which means that we do not go to war and that our Defence Forces are famous across the world for peace keeping duties. We learnt that the Irish flag is a symbol of peace and equality and that in 1916 this meant peace between the catholics and protestants. Nowadays it is a symbol of peace and inclusion, we also had flags of many nationalities on display as we are very inclusive in our school. There was only one Irish Flag flying over the GPO in Dublin in 1916 this week there will be hundreds of thousands flying all over the world, we truly have come a long way.

Eilin spoke to us about the link between the proclomation and the ethos of Limerick Educate Together. Equality and respect for all are important to us in our school. She told us of the value that is placed on the relationship between parents and school staff and mentioned the great work that was done recently by parents across the school including; fixing our school gate, repairing our flag pole and painting lovely 1916 illustrations on our school windows, she praised our senior students who helped our juniors during rehearsals during the week.  She read a pargraph from the 1916 proclomation that was read by Padraig Pearse outside the GPO and stressed that as we reflect and re-imagine the rising for a new Ireland that our Tricolour is a flag of equality and respect for all.

Denise Shaw-Kelly , who is a parent member on our Board of Management , was dressed in full ceremonial uniform from her position as Lieutenant in our Reserve Defence Forces spoke of her families experience of the rising, the use of Mungret College as a safe house for children in Limerick City during the war of Independence. She spoke of the importance of our National Flag, its origins and how some of the first flags were handmade in France and were made from silk.

The real stars of the show were our students who were excellent all throughout the ceremony. Our student council reimagined the proclomation for a modern Ireland and addressed themes such as; Education, Health, Children, Housing, Peace and Justice, Care of the Environment, Employment. Myriam told us all about the rules for displaying the Irish Flag. The students from Fifth and sixth played the national anthem on the tin whistle whild the flag was raised by our Alannah and Abdullah who are our youngest and oldest students. All the school sang Ireland’s call and the  National anthem and it was really lovely.

Thank you to Grace O’Neill, who is a past pupil, Grace played some traditional Irish Music on her harp. The harp has been in use for over 500 years in Ireland and  is a widely used Symbol. It is used on official Government documents, on our coins and on the Leinster Rugby Jersey. Can you find out more places where it is used?

Our other musician was Cliodhna who played a lovely tune on her concert flute, which was a lovely treat.

Thanks to all the staff for working hard to make our commemoration such a memorable one.Thanks to all of our parents who were able to attend. It was great seeing you and we hope you enjoyed the day. Thanks to all the staff and parents who helped with the refreshmets afterwards. Well done to all the staff for preparing the Fair Trade teas and coffees!

Mar a deir an seanfhocal ” Ní neart go cur le chéile”  ( strength in unity)




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